Type of Trainer: Marketing

Karissa Feliza

meet Karissa Feliza General Manager (aka Team & Business Development Maestro) I’m the master of creating quality audio and visual, and splicing together the best edits for seamless training videos. Linkedin-in Twitter Youtube Here’s what I do As a freelance videographer I spend half my time creating documentaries for a range of clients and the

James Tagle

meet James Tagle As the gatekeeper of the customer database, I’m the guy who makes sure you get access to all UTB’s online memberships and resources as and when you want them. Linkedin-in Twitter Youtube Here’s what I do I manage and maintain the integrity of the customer database. In simple terms, I make sure

Julia Anderson

meet Linkedin-in Twitter Youtube Here’s what I do It’s my job to share our company vision with the world. Through strategic planning – and with the support of an awesome team – we deliver dynamic marketing campaigns that promote the stellar services our talented trainers deliver. Here’s why I do it It’s somewhat cliché, but I’m a

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