Paul Hamilton

Technology Trainer
Apple Vertical Lead
Amazed at the creative things people do with digital technologies, but think it’s beyond you? I’ll show you just how simple it is to create presentations and animations using digital design and emerging technologies to realise your untapped creative potential.

Here's What I Do

A specialist in a swag of Apple creative tech tools, I aim to inspire and empower people to harness their limitless inner creative power.

Here's Why I Do It

I believe in everyone’s ability to learn something new. I believe that jumping out of our comfort zone brings about the greatest growth.

What’s my style

My training focuses on the learner. With remote teaching I pride myself on reading the room, realising when to stop and consolidate, or move on. And, I’ve been told I train with enthusiasm and passion.
An experienced classroom teacher, speaker and trainer, my core strengths are rooted in strategic planning, 1:1 environment, creativity, design thinking, immersive and emerging technologies, and all things Apple. And for the hard skills: Mixed Reality (AR and VR) – Reality Composer, ADOBE AERO, EyeJack, Cospaces, Tilt Brush, ARMAKR, Google Tour Creator Everyone Can Create Curriculum (Keynote, Pages, Numbers, GarageBand) – Drawing, Motion Graphics, App Prototyping, Music Composition, Film Making, Photography, Animation Design – Photoshop (graphic design), Maximo (animation), Canva, Assembly Integrating ICT across the curriculum
In my spare time I create. Digital art, 3D modeling and photography.
ased on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, I’m blessed to be surrounded by four outstanding women; three creative daughters and my gorgeous wife, Jill who’s also a teacher.
If you’re keen for creative tech tips ‘n’ tricks follow me on Twitter here.
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