Kelly Kenyon

Trainer Team Lead
Digital Connoisseur & Problem-Solving Queen
Empowering people to achieve things they didn’t think they could is what fires me up. I love teaching people how digital tech works and giving them simple tips and tricks that make their life easier and saves them time.

Here's What I Do

I work alongside people to help them integrate technology efficiently into their day to day, with the end goal to be allowing you more time to do the things you enjoy. For our education clients, I help teachers understand the digital curriculum and teach them how to integrate it into their classroom practice.

Here's Why I Do It

My passion is ensuring every child is fully equipped for whatever career path they may choose, and every adult is getting the most out of the digital tools they are using. By empowering people with a greater understanding of technology they will be better equipped to give to navigate the ever-changing space of the digital world.

What’s my style

I like to get to know people first so I can understand how I can help them best. Tailoring my approach to suit the needs of each person and each unique context, I build a foundation of knowledge first before adding in tips and tricks that deepen their understanding.
I love learning; always seeking to understand how things work and how I can improve on them. I have a Bachelor of Teaching, a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning and over 15 years of teaching experience. I bring a range of skills that have made me a leader in IT support, digital technologies, and teaching teams.
I love reading and collecting books (paranomal, science fiction and fantasy books are my favourite). I can also be found doing DIY around my home, gardening and catching up over good coffee. I enjoy discovering new places but also hanging out at home with family.
In a small suburb within the city boundaries of Hamilton, New Zealand.
Remember that the best learning comes through trying and failing. “Don’t judge me by my successes; judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” – Nelson Mandala.
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