Mike Reading

Founder & Visionary
Not super excited by tech? Often frustrated with how things work – or don’t? I love working with people just like you to make you more efficient and more effective. Soon your work mates, friends and family won’t duck for cover next time you turn your computer on.

Here's What I Do

I’ve not always been in love with tech, but all that changed the day I discovered the power of the ‘cloud’ and real time collaboration. I love working with the kind of people who tech training is not generally aimed at. You know, the ones you early adopters roll your eyes at when we ask “where is the any key?” They’re my favourite audience.

Here's Why I Do It

I love seeing people connect the dots, overcome obstacles, and feel valued. I especially like working with the ‘digitally challenged’ and ‘slow adopters’. I get a real kick out of seeing people’s confidence and competence grow in such a short space of time.

What’s my style

I take a collaborative, hands-on approach, and find using real-life examples super helpful. Oh, and slide decks are generally banned!
The first Google Certified Trainer in Australia (and Microsoft Certified Trainer), I’m proud to have founded the first company in the world to have a Google, Apple, Microsoft professional development partnership that’s trained tens of thousands of people around the globe. As a former teacher my specialty is empowering teachers to use technology better resulting in greater engagement with their students. With a wealth of experience working with businesses big and small, I thoroughly enjoy connecting with staff to improve efficiency, productivity and motivation in a fun, hands-on, practical way.
I love snowboarding in winter and wakeboarding in summer. I love brunch – at any time of the day! Aviation is my passion and I’m halfway through my pilot’s licence, which I hope to get back to later in the year. I love travelling the world exploring different cultures, so much so we enrolled our kids in online schooling so they can be part of our adventures.
I’m blessed to live in the adventure capital of the world – Queenstown, New Zealand with my beautiful wife, Beth, our two teenage kids, Kelsey and Ben, and the newest member of our family, our little German Shorthaired Pointer pup, Meg.
If you want more balance in your life, I’d highly recommend My Pilates Time that my wife, Beth runs online (yes, a shameless plug I know!).
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