The Best Way to Make Your Vision a Reality

What’s your vision as a teacher? How did you form it? With the help of your students’ parents? Technology? Certain companies? Your own research? Are you sure you know how to make your vision a reality?

Watch this video to arrive at the best answers.


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0:00:13.4 The Best Way to Make Your Vision a Reality

0:01:24.5 How to Progress According to Your Plan

00:02:16 Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself

Transcript: The Best Way to Make Your Vision a Reality

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In terms of who informs this vision: Is it the parent? Is it technology companies? Is it research? Where is this vision coming from?

So the best way to establish vision here is, that we’ve got to be realistic about our present reality.

So the question here is, what’s the best way to establish our vision while being realistic about our present?

So once you’ve got a clear picture about how your students learn and how your teachers teach, you can then start to design a plan that’s going to meet your needs.

Now the plan: Please don’t get stuck into this concept of “Right, I’ve just got to go and provide more staff training. I’ve got to do better training in my staff. Afternoons we’ve got to get the staff together and do techy-breckies and all these strategy things.” Basically, if you chase that too hard, what will happen is, that you will just continue to go round and round in circles, and you won’t actually start to make a real lasting change in what’s happening in your schools.

So here is where, when—you know, where you are. And you can realistically look at your vision. This is where you get to design a professional development plan; where you get to talk about infrastructure, device strategies, bridging the gap between where you are and where you need to be.

So, as you progress with your plan, your strategy can change to address the issues that arise. But as you do, what you need to do is just continue to establish that vision.

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Now for those of you who are AOGs for the eLearning guides in the room, maybe you are in charge of establishing that vision. That task has been given to you to establish the vision and so on. So what you need to do is, you need to understand where this fits inside your school plan and then be able to work with the teachers and the exec teachers to enhance that plan.

For those of you who are in exec roles (and you are looking at this here), then please don’t feel like you need to solve the world’s problems. This is not going to change overnight. We’ve spent 20 years with one-to-one in schools and we already know that this is falling short.

So, I want to give you some questions that will help really narrow this focus down for you, and I’m going to give you five minutes just to work on this right now while it’s fresh in your mind. So, we’ve gone through “How do our students learn and how do our teachers teach? How will our students learn and how will our teachers teach?” And then, what we need to do now is, we need to establish the best way to establish our vision: By being realistic about our future.

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