Favorite Quotes & Posters From The Week (18th May)

Favourite Tweets

1. @WeAreTeachers One of our favorites! #reading #edchat


2. @edutopia Happy birthday to our fearless leader, George Lucas!


3. @StevenSinger3 Poor kids don’t have achievement gaps; they have advantage gaps. Poor scores = poor circumstances. @VanJones68 #TBATs


4. @HistoricalPics I’m blown away by this photo


5. RT @jackiegerstein Educator as a Maker Educator



Favourite Quotes

1. You cannot be a master teacher until you are a master learner. 


2. A good #teacher is a master of simplification and an enemy of simplism.



From the Archives

1. Bad News For Students – Google Labs Is Closing Down!


2. How To Use Twitter In The Classroom Without Compromising Your Professional Relationship With Your Students?


The line of best fit and scatterplots in Google Sheets

Collecting data and finding the strength of the relationship between the variables, a method used in statistics. Making a scatterplot and finding the line of best fit or trendline in Excel was a piece of cake. I could never do it in Google Sheets until I found a solution! It is easy to build a meaningful scatterplot, put in a trendline and find the correlation coefficient within a couple of clicks.


How to decide what class rules you should have

How do you decide what class rules you should have? I have found that when I ask this question of teachers I generally get one of two responses: A blank look Or a response that goes something like, “I just have all the ‘normal’ rules that every teacher has” Why


Top Tip for Gmail with Samantha

It’s time for Gmail and let me tell you I’ve been doing this for a long time with Gmail and I’m going to put out a scenario to you all and I can’t see if you’re nodding but my guess is going to be, you will.


Top tips for working from home by a remote working team

  With Google Drawings a lot of people don’t realise that it actually sits inside Google Docs. Inside Google Docs you actually have the Google Drawings tool. Under insert you’ve got Drawings and now there are two places that you can get a Drawing from. The ‘New’ is going to


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In 2018, Using Technology Better designed and delivered a two phase post-migration training program for this New Zealand based graphic design firm. The initial goal of the training program was to reduce frustration with G Suite, with the long term aim of facilitating a change in culture and collaboration that can lead to transformative practices

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