Olya Dollah

Customer Growth & Specialist & Technology Trainer
UTB Malaysia
Tech Savvy Sherpa

Here's What I Do

Empowering teachers, students, business users and the public community to conquer technology’s challenges and harness its potential.

Here's Why I Do It

I do this because my passion for teaching is fueled by a strong desire to learn. The more I teach, the more I discover and grow. By sharing my expertise with educators and the public, I not only empower them but also deepen my own understanding of technology. It is a mutually beneficial process where teaching becomes a pathway to continuous learning and personal growth.

What’s my style

My training style focuses on helping students and audiences fall in love with what they do by emphasizing the “why” behind the subject matter. By connecting their learning to a larger purpose, I inspire genuine passion and motivation. I simplify complex concepts into practical steps, making the learning process enjoyable and attainable.
I am a recognized Technology Specialist with a wealth of experience and expertise. As a Google Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Engineer and System Administrator, I have a deep understanding of technology and its practical applications. I am a dedicated educator who strongly believes in lifelong learning, and I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Technology, focusing on enhancing learning experiences. With strong technological pedagogical knowledge, I strive to deliver impactful and transformative learning experiences to students and professionals alike.
Stepping outside the comfort zone fuels my passion, ignites my creativity, and unlocks the limitless possibilities that await.
In my proud portfolio, I proudly wear the badge of a superhero mother to five incredible children – four mighty boys and one lovely girl. Together with my husband, a high-flying pilot who shares my passion for travel, we form an unstoppable team of adventurers. While our home is nestled in Shah Alam, Malaysia, our spirits are forever seeking new horizons. We embark on thrilling journeys across the globe, immersing ourselves in vibrant cultures, and crafting unforgettable memories as a family.
I am thrilled to announce my latest personal project that aims to empower and inspire you with a daily dose of knowledge. Join me on TikTok at @mdm_olya and unlock a world of wisdom as I share one fascinating piece of knowledge every day.
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