Joycee Bautista

Spreadsheet Whisperer

Here's What I Do

My task is to maintain accurate books, performs daily accounting task and monitor financial records.

Here's Why I Do It

I love to be of help in making business decision and planning. By equipping the decision makers with an accurate and complete financial data on a timely manner.

What’s my style

“I am at my most productive when I am able to get in the zone”. This works for me since bookkeeping task is a challenge of being productive and efficient without losing focus on time.
As much as I have a knack for numbers. Accounting has been my comfort zone. I’ve been in this field for over a decade and greatly acquired the right skills and attitude over time. I am goal-driven and incorporated within me the principle of Integrity and transparency.
A family-oriented person. I love to go on a road trip and try good food with my husband and son. I am great at keeping everything in balance. Even my personality has a balance of being extrovert and introvert. I love to be surrounded with happy peeps and positive vibes but need to recharge my social batteries once in a while. By the way I am also a Libra Woman.
I live in Rodriguez Rizal. This town said to be the nearest jungle to the concrete jungle. both legendary and historic. it is the location associated with the Legend of Bernardo Carpio.
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