Joseph Muir

Technical Trainer
Automation & Security Aficionado
Your go-to man for Google Admin and Microsoft. I’m here to streamline your workflow, increase productivity and efficiency, and provide outside the box solutions.

Here's What I Do

I manage the day-to-day operations of the business, focus on future structure, and all that’s required to grow our people and the business.

Here's Why I Do It

Teaching others and exchanging knowledge and experiences is a focus not just in work, but in life itself.

What’s my style

I like to keep my training sessions simple, relaxed, user driven, and welcome working with all levels of experience.
Spending a great deal of my time immersed in creative and teaching environments means I’m constantly thinking outside the box solving problems before they arise and increasing productivity every chance I get. With over ten years’ hands-on experience with Microsoft Servers’ product range and over five years with Microsoft Azure and Google’s G Suite, I have a firm handle on how best to maximise efficiency, productivity, and growth. Hard skills: MS Azure AD Office 365 Intune Security and Compliance G Suite Admin
I’m at home on a mountain, deep in a mossy forest or paddleboarding on a lake. Food’s good too. I love cooking for friends and family.
I’m very fortunate to live in stunning Taupo, with my partner, Jasmine, and our four year old daughter. And LOTS of plants.
What Industry Are You In?