Grace Rebueno

Global Head of Finance
Finance Queen
I am the finance guardian. Everything you need related to finance, I’m the one you can count on.

Here's What I Do

I handle all UTB financial books and payroll, and ensure all financial reports are accurate, on track, and on time.

Here's Why I Do It

I love analysing and interpreting data; that’s my forte. These skills enable me to offer recommendations that inform management decisions and shape the trajectory of the business.

What’s my style

I am highly adaptable, focused, and strive for efficiency and accuracy. While I enjoy the autonomy of working remotely I also thrive on collaborating with others.
With a degree in accounting, I am a Certified Management Accountant with 16 years’ experience working predominantly in corporate finance. The last few years I have been working remotely and joined UTB at the beginning of 2021. I bring a wealth of skills to the table including financial reporting and analysis, strategic and business planning, and cash management. Constantly seeking ways to upskill, I plan to gain a Chartered Financial Analyst license this year.
At first glance some people mistakenly believe I’m unapproachable because I have a serious face(!). Once you get to know me though, you soon realise I’m a very sociable person and easily adjust to different cultures. Even before I met my husband (who’s a mad pet lover) I loved dogs. We now have three adorable German Shepherds who I love playing with every afternoon and teaching them new tricks!
Five years ago I moved to the Philippines from Manila when I married my husband, Roy. We live in Legazpi, Albay that has the iconic cone shaped Mayon Volcano as its majestic backdrop. We have no kids as yet, but are blessed with our three little fur babies, Kat, Kiala and Mackz.
What Industry Are You In?