Fun activity to train your brain

Now matter how many times I show this to students and teachers alike the response is always the same…laughter and bewilderment.

Activity: How smart is your Right foot?

Give your students these simple instructions – play it up to make it even more fun (I offer prizes etc)

1. While sitting down, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number ‘6’ in the air with your right hand.

The students find that their foot will change direction.  No matter how hard they try they won’t be able to make it go the other way.

The reason for the change in direction is that the signal from the left brain and right brain get mixed up.  By getting your students to do this fun activity before they start a lesson engages the brain and gets them ready for learning.  I have found that I can do this over and over again and the students don’t tire of trying to outsmart their foot.


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