• How to Effectively Flip your Classroom using Khan Academy

    In this E-Learning Conversation, we talk about how to effectively flip your classroom and the benefits of flipped learning. Below you will find the recording of the video and the show notes. If you would like to receive an email invite to our next E-Learning conversation click HERE. The next conversation will be with Andrew Douch […]

  • Managing workflow with Teacher Dashboard by Hapara

    In this E-Learning Conversation with Lenva of Hapara, we talk about about how she is helping teachers and schools all over the world better manage student workflow and content with Teacher Dashboard. We have a special offer for schools that would like to trial Teacher Dashboard.  Sign up for a year’s subscription for 200 students or […]

  • How To Edit Images Inside Google Docs

    I just opened a Google Doc and saw this nice update that allows us to edit images inside Google Docs.   A couple of months ago Google added the ability to edit images inside Presentations and Google Drawing.

  • Randomising Answers in Google Forms

    **UPDATED VERSION OF THIS POST available here. In the new version, learn how to randomise questions and answers in Google Forms.** Google Forms just received another great update. When you create a Google form, you can randomise the order that the answers are presented. This is great for people who are concerned that the order that […]

  • Get Your Students Developing Their Writing Skills With Google Story Builder

    Google Story Builder is a fun Google tool that will get your students developing their basic writing skills. You don’t need a Google account to participate and younger students can easily navigate through the Google Story Builder steps. Once the students have finished writing their story, they can add music and watch the animated video […]

  • How you can use the Google Translate app in the classroom

    I have been playing with the Google Translate app with some teachers and am really loving the accuracy and functionality of the app. The Google Translate app works offline which makes it even more useful.  See the Google Translate App demonstration video and transcript below:

  • Stop Your Google Doc From Going Viral

    There is a little known extra security feature in Google Docs that stops collaborators from sharing your docs with others or changing the permissions of the Doc   Here is how to make your Google Docs more secure:

  • One Google Plus Security Tip You Need To Know About

    One of the greatest Google Plus features is the ability to create circles and communities that control who can see your posts. However there is still a problem:


Are you at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level? This skills checklist will help you find out.



Are you at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level? This skills checklist will help you find out.

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