Benefits of Having a Digital School Newsletter

5 August 2015

In the podcast below, Blake talks about his digital school newsletter company and how such a newsletter can strengthen your school’s communications.


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Transcript: Benefits of Having a Digital School Newsletter

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Blake: Absolutely. Before I do as well, I also wanted to talk with everyone about our newsletters as well—which is a company I’m involved with, which is the school newsletter—and how that can affect, you know, I guess, educate us about what we are doing with our school communication even, and all sorts of things.

We see here, we offer stats. When you sign up an account with us, you get stats on every newsletter. So, here is the stat on the latest newsletter that shows the breakdown of devices, right? How people are reading the newsletter? You can see here, you know, over 40 percent of people are reading it on a tablet or a mobile—and that’s really important information if you’re a school, and we see that across all schools. We have this data across all the whole range of schools. You know, we can see it’s almost 45 to 50 percent as an average across all schools reading on a tablet or mobile, right? And that’s really important, because, if you are sending a PDF, have you ever tried to read a PDF on your little mobile? It’s not great.

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So, that’s one of the things that kind of helps. You figure out how should you be providing communication: what are parents using, what’s going on outside your school, or inside the school community in terms of parents and students, and how things are getting consumed.

You can see how many pages are in this, how many unique readers have already hit this since this came out today—there have been 109 people who’ve already read through it—and then how long they’re actually on it. You could see the average read time is, like, 20 seconds. So, how much stuff you’re putting in your newsletter, you know? If people are in there for 20 seconds, you know, this is a 16-page newsletter, so looking at stats like that and saying “Okay, how can we make this more relevant for people? How can we improve the quality of what we’re doing?” And that’s something we’re going to continue to improve under the point, and we will be able to have analytics on how many people are reading each specific article. So, you can start tailoring and looking at certain pages and saying “Well, maybe the sport reports got to go.” or maybe the—you know, whatever it is. Or, “We got to put more effort into the principal’s report.”

So, that’s just another way that we’re looking at trying to strengthen school communities.

Mike: Yeah, that’s really helpful.

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