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The Using Technology Better Show – Episode 8: Tools of the Trade

For the UTB Show’s final episode, we’ve pulled out all the stops by rounding up the whole UTB training team who share their favourite tech tools (cue delightful track “My Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music). These tools really are better than “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”! Each trainer gives a super

The Using Technology Better Show – Episode 7: Professional Development

In this episode of the UTB Show, Adrian provides a super handy road map for education movers and shakers that will ensure your teachers hail your praises, and you get the results you want: transformative, lasting change. And Paul joins Adrian from the Sunshine Coast to share his observations of the effects on PD in a

The Using Technology Better Show – Episode 6: Making Music

If you think integrating music into your lesson plan sounds like way too much effort, you’d be mistaken! With just a little basic knowledge of a few handy tech tools your students will be soaking up all that essential learning like a sponge in no time! In this month’s episode of The UTB Show we shine a light

The Using Technology Better Show – Episode 5: Tailor Made Learning

In this month’s UTB Show Adrian and Lara give some stellar tips to help you deliver Tailor Made Learning using Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom.  Tailor Made Learning may sound like a lot of work, but with a few handy tech tool tips you’ll soon be up to speed.  In this episode of the UTB

The Using Technology Better Show – Episode 4: Creativity & Innovation

Inspired by International Ideas Month, this episode is jam packed with tips & tricks to increase creativity in the classroom. Join UTB tech gurus Adrian Francis, Lara Kirk, Paul Hamilton and Donna Golightly for a closer look at: the broader scope of what creativity really means effective ideas to encourage kids out of their comfort

The Using Technology Better Show – Episode 3: Safer Internet Day

It’s February, and that means Safer Internet Day! We’ve celebrated by putting together an online safety themed episode of the Using Technology Better Show for you. Waiting for you inside this edition are Karla Sanders, Mark Herring and Adrian Francis, sharing: what they wouldn’t do when helping their students learn about digital safety, why it

UTB Newsletter 2021 – Issue 1

Welcome to a new year full of new possibilities We hope you have had time to unwind, spend time with family and friends and are recharged and ready to make a difference in so many lives! 😀 Thanks to all of you who tuned in to the first edition of The Using Technology Better Show that

UTB Newsletter 2020 – Issue 12

Welcome to the last newsletter for 2020. Put your hand up if you are ready for 2021!? You may notice that this newsletter has a different format. One of our core values at Using Technology Better is ‘Make it better’. We were chatting a couple of months ago about what we had learnt (and are

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