Recite This: An Easy To Use Quote Creator For Students

Here is an easy to use quote creation tool.  The best thing about it is that you don’t need to be creative to make your quotes look great!

Recite this quote creator
You can easily create your own quotes

The tool is called Recite This

You simply type your text into the box at the top of the page and Recite This automatically inserts it into all of their templates.

Screenshot 2014-09-24 15.27.48

Like all simple creative tools, Recite this isn’t perfect.  Sometimes you will need to play around with the wording to emaphise the right words in your quote, and not all templates will work.

Here is one poster I made today for my keynote at the upcoming Using Technology Better Conference next week.

embrace change in your schoolembrace change in your schoolembrace change in your school

What tools do you or your students use to create posters?

The Power of a 30 day challenge

I’m hopping on the 30 day challenge band wagon: here’s why… Have you ever set a New Years resolution?  How long did it last? If you are like most people the answer would be less than six days! I came across this great Ted Talk this week by Matt Cutts about

Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint 3D – Digital Postcards with Magic Select

This post will show you a fun and quick activity to help students develop ideas for creative writing and become familiar with the Microsoft Paint 3D workspace. We’re going to explore using the ‘Magic Select’ tool to turn one part of an image into a sticker and then put this on a background of your choosing.


LearnBytes episode #6 – Michelle Bowditch: Do these 4 things when facing uncertainty or frustration

Samantha is joined by Michelle Bowditch, the founder of Door 20A and a Tech Lover, Educator Connecter & Advocate for Executive Assistants.

In her race against the clock, Michelle shares the 4 things you can do when facing uncertainty or frustration – even with little things like tech problems! We also hear some great podcast recommendations & a handy tip for planning your podcast listening.


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