Notes in iOS11

Notes in iOS11

The functionality of Apple Notes has been improved and it is now a great tool that integrates seamlessly with all the other native Apple apps. By utilising iCloud, all your notes will sync easily across all your devices. I have narrowed down all the features to a handful that you may want to explore.

Here are five great features of Notes.

1.Scanning and signing documents. If you have ever been frustrated when you need to send a signed document to someone, then this function is an absolute winner.

  • Tap the + icon and choose ‘Scan Documents’.
  • Position the camera over the document, it will be indicated on the screen when the document is in the correct position.
  • Take the image and it will be converted to a scanned document that will be stored in the current note.
  • Tap on the image and a Scanned Documents screen will open with other options.
  • Select ‘Markup’ and sign the document.
You can scan and markup documents, and convert them to a PDF. This is a simple, quick process that gives you a signed e-copy of a document for your records. Click To Tweet

You can then create a PDF that you can send to someone via email, AirDrop, messages or via an app. This is a simple, quick process that gives you a signed e-copy of the document for your records. Have a look at this 1 minute video to see how to do this.

2.Previewing notes without opening them. Tapping and holding on a note will bring up a preview window. If it is the one you want, you can tap to open it.

3.Searching for anything. There are two ways to search your notes.

  • You can drag down from the top of the app and find the search bar.
  • Type in what you want and Notes will be searched for every match, this even shows images, video and attachments. This will also search your hand writing as long as it is relatively neat.
  • Another method is to tap Iconand you will see photo’s, sketches, video, scans, websites and documents that you have in your notes. If you want to go to the note that has that attachment, touch and hold the thumbnail, then tap ‘Show in Note’.

Check out this at this 1 minute video to see how to do this.

4.Organisation is easier with the ability to utilise the Files function in iOS11. When you first open Notes, you are able to select a note from a folder, or create a new one. This is where you can delete a folder as well. You can also save a note to your Files.

  • Open a note
  • Tap the share icon
  • Scroll to ‘Save to Files’
  • Choose the location
The whole drag and drop process is really intuitive and adds to the seamless interaction between apps. Click To Tweet

This is an easy filing process, but I would like the ability to put a note in multiple folders like I can in G Suite.

Have a quick look at this 30 second clip that shows how to do this.

5.Dragging and Dropping. On an iPad in split screen mode, you can have your notes open and a Pages document open and insert your notes. To paste from Notes into Pages, select the note and then cut and past like normal.

To drag and drop into Notes

  • Highlight the desired text
  • Hold with your finder and drag and drop to Notes.

The whole drag and drop process is really intuitive and adds to the seamless interaction between apps.

Watch this 55 second video to see how to do this.

There are many more features in Notes, like inserting a table and embedding a voice recording or video.I have really only skimmed the surface with my favourite five.

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