How to video broadcast inside a channel on the Teams iPad App

In this blog, we’ll use the following steps to video connect with our students within a Teams Channel and share our iPad screen as a tool for instructional videos.

1.  Create a new Channel in Team

2.  Create a calendar event to conduct the live video Meet

3.  Join the Meet and share an iPad screen to the channel

4. Use a variety of applications in the live broadcast

5. Allow students the opportunity to rewatch the live broadcast once it’s finished

Many teachers use iPads as a powerful tool for instruction, creation and collaboration. As schools move towards remote teaching and learning, online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams allow a single communication hub to run classes and lessons.

The Teams iPad App allows teachers to broadcast and share their screen directly to a Team Channel. This provides an opportunity for educators to utilise their favourite apps to create engaging and clear instruction videos directly from their iPad. 

This may include:

*  Reading directly to your students via the iBooks app and holding a live book club discussion

*  Create instructional art videos using Procreate

* Revisiting and holding a class discussion on a Keynote Presentation

* Giving immediate live feedback to students on a Book Creator creation

* Demonstrating a musical composition in Garage Band

Explaining a SeeSaw task in more depth

The workflow video below allows teachers the freedom to use tools and applications they are comfortable with, whilst at the same providing rich, authentic content for their students. Specialist teachers can harness individual tools for their subject area, and direct students to other software that the students may require for projects and assignments.

Once you have mastered the workflow you will discover new and exciting ways to deliver content to your students and start to rethink how students can communicate back to you through their own shared screen broadcast.


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