How to Insert a Bookmark in a Google Doc

In this video Mike will show you how to insert a bookmark in a Google Doc.


Follow these simple steps to insert a bookmark in a Google Doc:

0:48 First you go down to the text that you want to link to

1:00 Click insert bookmark

1:10 Copy link address

1:17 Insert a link



Hi, you’re with Mike Reading from and today what I’m going to do is show you how to insert a bookmark to a Google Doc. So I’ve got a document open that I’ve been using with a group.  We just did some training in Auckland and we had a number of people who were sharing resources and so on.  So to make it easier for people to just jump to the particular part of the document where those resources have been shared what we’re going to do is we’re going to insert a bookmark into a Google Doc. So you can see here, here’s Chris’ ideas.  If I click on the bookmark it will jump me to that part in the document. So here’s how we do that: If I go back to a brand new doc you might have some text you want to link to and you might be up here somewhere in the document. So here’s the process. First you go down to the text that you want to link to, and you click insert and then you click bookmark. Now you’ll see that you get a little bookmark just here and you also get a link. So what we’re going to do is just right click on the link and then say “Copy link address”. Now wherever you are in the top part of your document this is now where you insert a link.  We click insert, and then you’re able to insert is a bookmark link. So that bookmark will be found just there.  We add that, we tell it what the text is that we want to call it and apply it and that link then associates with that particular bookmark there. So if we go back to this document here, each of those different links that I’ve got here just jump me straight to a particular bookmark in that document. So that process once again. Go to the space where you want to insert the bookmark, right copy the link address, go back up to the top part of your document or wherever you want to add that document to and then just go insert link.  Choose the text that you would like to have displayed and then when the person clicks on that link they can just jump to that part of the document. For more tips on how to use Google with your students check out our YouTube Channel (make sure you subscribe to stay up to date) So if you’ve got any other questions I’d love you to drop a question in the comment section below this video. Thanks for watching. Insert a bookmark in a Google Doc, Insert a bookmark in a Google Doc, Insert a bookmark in a Google Doc

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