How to encourage student agency with hyperdocs.

We are often asked how teachers can encourage student agency using digital tools. Here’s an example of one way you can build a task that allows for student choice and differentiation within the activities provided.

I’ve created a Google Doc that sets out a task for students to work through and complete.

#Google Docs can be used to provide students with choices within tasks. Click To Tweet

As the end of the year was drawing near when I created this I used that as a context – but you could easily change it and create a context that works for your students.

Use our #Google Doc template to create a task for your own students. Click To Tweet

It contains links out to various websites and tools for the students to use.

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Watch the video here that explains how I created it and some of the thinking behind how to use it.

Let us know if you use it – we love getting your feedback.
For more ideas about how to develop student agency read about a way to use Google Slides to develop choice here or for tips and ideas about design take a look at Tim’s blog here

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