How Google Empowers Differentiated Learning

Over the last two days I have had the pleasure of hanging out at the Google Apps For Education Booth at the EduTech conference in Brisbane Australia.  You can check out the #edutech Hashtag on your preferred social media platform.

Below is a copy of the presentation I gave about how Google empowers differentiation in learning.  It was only a 20 minute presentation so I mainly focussed on how our students can use the tools inside Google Search to narrow down their search results to ensure they are both relevant and appropriate to their academic ability.

Like all presentations, there is limited information on the slides, but there are 2 video’s embedded in the presentation that are definely worth watching.

I also have an audio recording of the presentation and will add it to this page for download in the next couple of days.

If you would like more information about how you can use Google with your students, you can join our community for full access to our library of online training.

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How to get your students coding – from the basics to advanced

Wanting to teach coding to your students and knowing where to start are two different things, especially if you want to go past the basics. Here are some resources and a structure to help you feel confident about implementing a successful coding programme in your classroom, with any age. From learning the basics with drag and drop through to understanding coding syntax, this format will help get you started.


Add a calendar preview to Gmail

The Google Calendar gadget lab gives you a preview of your Google Calendar from the Gmail interface. It can display upcoming events from multiple calendars, and also lets you add new events using the Quick Add feature. You can also choose to show a mini date-picker if desired. The great thing about this lab is that it gives you visibility of your calendar without needing to leave Gmail.


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In 2018, Using Technology Better designed and delivered a two phase post-migration training program for this New Zealand based graphic design firm. The initial goal of the training program was to reduce frustration with G Suite, with the long term aim of facilitating a change in culture and collaboration that can lead to transformative practices

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