One Google Plus Security Tip You Need To Know About

Google Plus Circles

One of the greatest Google Plus features is the ability to create circles and communities that control who can see your posts.

However there is still a problem:

In the attempt to keep information private, many teachers have created communities.  These communities are invite only so the students can share resources, post questions and comment on each others work in an environment that is secure and separate from the general public.

To create a Google Plus community:

  1. Click on the communities tab on the left hand side of the Google Plus screen
  2. Click the blue create community on the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Restrict the community to your domain
  4. Give the community a name
  5. Select yes – when asked if people need permission to join the community

These communities are moderated by the teacher and only have invited people in them.  However, information posted inside the community can still be reshared with people outside of that community.

Here is how to stop this:

When you post something to a Google Plus community, click the little arrow on the top right hand corner of the post and click ‘Disable reshares’

Google Plus Security Hack

Want to see all your students Google Plus posts and profiles in 1 place:

We recommend you check out Teacher Dashboard by Hapara.

Teacher Dashboard allows you to easily see all your students:

  • Google Plus posts
  • Comments
  • Profiles descriptions and images

You can access a free trial for your school HERE



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