A Different Look At Goal Setting

As we kick off a new year I though I would share a video that challenges the norm about what is generally taught about goal setting.

But before we do that let me just say Happy New Year!  A few readers who regularly follow this blog have sent me emails wondering where I had gone.  I haven’t updated this blog for well over a month.

Towards the end of last year I decided to completely unplug and only fulfil the existing commitments that I had previously made.

I wrote on this philosophy of rest at the same time last year, it is worth a read – I know it will help you recover from a hectic teaching schedule.

I normally would have a slow start to the year as in my part of the world that is our summer holiday.  However this January I am speaking at 2 conferences in Hawaii (I am writing this post from my hotel room); The Hawaiian International education Conference and The Google Apps For Education Summit.  From there I am speaking at another Google Apps Summit in Sydney and then head straight to New Zealand to speak at a number of schools there before kicking off the Australian school term.  After all my travel this only left me with six days in January to unwind.

Anyhow, As the new year kicks off and we begin to wonder what we can do differently in 2013 to make it even better than 2012 this video on goal setting will challenge your presumptions.

Let me know what you think in the comment sections below.

The video is a Ted talk by Derek Sivers and goes for 3 minutes.

Here’s the highlights:

What you shouldn’t do with goal setting – 50 sec

How your mind is tricked when you make this mistake with goal setting 1 min 10 sec

Some interesting research to support the claim 1 min 50 sec

What you can do about goal setting 2 min 30 sec


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