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Embracing Technological Change: A Leadership Guide

In today’s fast-paced world, technological advancements are reshaping industries at an unprecedented rate. As leaders, it’s crucial to navigate these transformations effectively and inspire our teams not only to adapt but thrive. The challenge comes when we want to integrate the authentic use and integration of technology as part of this change. Here are three

Exciting Google Classroom Updates for 2024

Get the most out of Google Classroom and engage your students with these top tips. With BETT 2024 held in London last month, Google for Education announced some changes to Google Classroom that should have teachers and administrators excited as well as reminding us of some of the recent updates towards the end of last

Microsoft Office 365 Training

4 Awesome Ways To Increase Student Engagement

As a digital technology lead in a school, you have the exciting opportunity of ensuring that your students are engaged in their learning process. Microsoft provides a range of software licenses that can help you achieve this goal. The current Microsoft agreements provide schools with software licenses that include Microsoft 365 and Minecraft Education Edition.

Create a Classroom in Canva with these easy steps

Are you looking at using Canva for Education in the classroom but unsure where to begin? Ever wished for a more engaging and organised online learning space? In this blog I’ll go over how you can create a classroom in Canva with some handy tips and tricks for making sure you get the most out

Student-Created Timers in Keynote

Student-created timers for assessments and showcasing concepts In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Apple’s Keynote app emerges as a powerful ally for educators seeking to infuse creativity into their classrooms. Ditching traditional timers, imagine students taking the reins of time management by crafting personalized, themed timers using the versatile Keynote app. This blog is your

Creating Flowcharts in Canva

Make your Flowcharts stand out with Canva Everyone loves a good flowchart to help productivity or to understand processes around the workplace. Still, far too often I am left disappointed by the lack of wow or confusing graphics with many flowcharts. Canva is the perfect tool to use to help make your flowcharts stand out

Three Ways to Use Canva at the Start of the Year

Are you looking for some creative ways to get to know your students this year? Well, look no further; these 3 ways to use Canva at the start of the year will spark creativity, are easy to plan for, and are great ways to get to know your students. Digital Self Portraits My favourite update

Top 3 M365 Apps to Promote Engagement, Increase Visibility and Monitor Wellbeing

Working in a school, you have a lot of responsibilities and challenges to face every day. You want to provide the best education possible for your students, while also ensuring their well-being and safety. Well, you can achieve both these goals with the help of Microsoft products.    Microsoft offers a range of tools and features

Level up with M365 Copilot

Do you ever wish you had a copilot to help you with your work? Someone who could write, analyse, create, and communicate for you, while you focus on the big picture and the creative aspects of your job? Well now you do! Microsoft 365 Copilot is here is streamline your workflow and make working more

4 Key Tips for Setting Up Teams in your School

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool for online collaboration and communicationin schools. It can help you create engaging and interactive learningenvironments, as well as streamline your administrative tasks. However, to getthe most out of Teams, you need to set it up properly and follow some bestpractices. Here are some must knows for IT admins who

Managing the Transition to Microsoft Teams

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, schools are constantly seekingways to enhance collaboration, communication, and efficiency. The transitionto Microsoft Teams represents a significant shift in how educational institutionsoperate, bringing with it a multitude of benefits. However, managing changecan be a daunting task. This blog aims to provide school leaders with practicalguidance on how to navigate

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