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Create a Classroom in Canva with these easy steps

Are you looking at using Canva for Education in the classroom but unsure where to begin? Ever wished for a more engaging and organised online learning space? In this blog I’ll go over how you can create a classroom in Canva with some handy tips and tricks for making sure you get the most out

Creating Flowcharts in Canva

Make your Flowcharts stand out with Canva Everyone loves a good flowchart to help productivity or to understand processes around the workplace. Still, far too often I am left disappointed by the lack of wow or confusing graphics with many flowcharts. Canva is the perfect tool to use to help make your flowcharts stand out

Canva Unleashed: February 2024’s Toolkit for Classroom Creativity

Ever found yourself struggling to spice up your teaching materials? From text editing headaches to blurry images, are you tired of hitting roadblocks in your classroom creativity? Enter Canva’s latest tools! With features like Grab Text, Blur Brush, AI Image Generator, Sketch to Life, and Enhancer App, these tools have your back. Say goodbye to

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