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Embracing Technological Change: A Leadership Guide

In today’s fast-paced world, technological advancements are reshaping industries at an unprecedented rate. As leaders, it’s crucial to navigate these transformations effectively and inspire our teams not only to adapt but thrive. The challenge comes when we want to integrate the authentic use and integration of technology as part of this change. Here are three

Apple for Business: from Survive to Thrive series

Unveiling Apple’s Hidden AI: The Power of On-Device Machine Learning In an era dominated by data, information, and images, the ability to efficiently navigate through vast digital libraries is paramount. Apple, known for its innovation in both hardware and software, has quietly introduced a game-changing feature in its Photos app, harnessing the prowess of artificial

The right ways to enable AI at work – Tips for IT Lead

In today’s fast-paced workplace, maximizing efficiency while minimizing time spent on repetitive tasks is crucial. However, many staff members may feel unsure about integrating AI effectively, leading to missed productivity opportunities. As the IT lead, you can guide your team in harnessing AI’s power to streamline operations and save time. By providing clear guidance and

5 easy ways to improve your AI prompt writing

Struggling to extract the best from your AI interactions? Crafting impeccable prompts is the key! If you’ve ever felt lost in the sea of endless possibilities, fear not, for we’ve unlocked 5 straightforward techniques to enhance your AI prompt writing skills. Say goodbye to vague outputs and embrace the power of precision with our guide

Level up with M365 Copilot

Do you ever wish you had a copilot to help you with your work? Someone who could write, analyse, create, and communicate for you, while you focus on the big picture and the creative aspects of your job? Well now you do! Microsoft 365 Copilot is here is streamline your workflow and make working more

Unlocking Your Productivity Potential with Microsoft Viva Insights

It seems as if everything is speeding up. We get more things to do, faster computers and a myriad of applications to help us. But there are times we don’t work efficiently, and harnessing our time effectively is crucial. Microsoft Viva Insights emerges as a game-changing solution. This application leverages data-driven insights and actionable guidance

Empowering Employee Productivity: Navigating the Tech Training Terrain

Empowering Employee Productivity

In today’s rapidly evolving world, keeping pace with technological advancements is paramount, and HR professionals are pivotal in this journey. However, organising practical technology training for your employees can be complex. Worry not; I’m here to guide you through it! This comprehensive blog post will explore strategies backed by LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report data and

Windows 11 Copilot

Windows 11 Copilot: Embrace with Confidence

Demystifying AI in the Workplace: Embrace Windows 11 Copilot with Confidence With Microsoft’s Windows 11 Copilot making its mark across various business applications like Dynamics 365, Viva Sales, and the Microsoft Power Platform, it’s time for IT professionals to shed their apprehensions and explore how AI can be a game-changer in the workplace. In today’s

Embrace the Flexibility of Microsoft Sway

Want a webpage, a newsletter and a presentation all in one? Let me introduce you to Microsoft Sway.  Microsoft Sway is, in my opinion, one of the most under-utilised apps in the M354 suite. Allow me to showcase how this fantastic tool can be used to create and share content online. What is Sway?  Now,

The Impact of Microsoft 365 Adoption Training on Organisational Productivity and Employee Well-being

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, offers a suite of cloud-based productivity tools that can transform how your business operates.

From Gmail to Google Drive, Google Workspace provides a comprehensive communication, collaboration, and productivity platform. However, many companies find themselves scratching their heads, wondering why they aren’t reaping the expected return on investment (ROI).

Creative Collaboration using Templates in Whiteboard

Level up collaboration using templates in Microsoft Whiteboard  Looking to enhance collaboration across your team? Microsoft Whiteboard can streamline your workflow and encourage greater creativity.  What is Whiteboard?  In this blog, I want to chat about a nifty little tool that can seriously up your collaboration game: Microsoft Whiteboard. If you haven’t heard of it,

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