Inserting Images Into Google Forms

3 July 2013

**UPDATED VERSION OF THIS POST available here. The new version of this post includes updated instructions and screenshots.**

In this short Video Mike shows you how to easily insert images into Google Forms


1:06 See how to drop logos into your Google Forms
1:19 Uploading different images into a self-grading assessment
1:56 Editing images in your Google Forms
2:17 Using images with an assessment task or a test


Hi, you are with Mike Reading from Today what I’m going to show you is one quick update that has just been released about a week or so ago for Google Forms.

Okay, so I’ve just dropped into my Google Drive folder and I’m going to create a new Google Form.

Now I’m loving the attention that Google Forms are getting at the moment and all the updates coming up and if you’d like a more detailed video on how to use Google Forms and how to create self-grading assessments, then I would drop the link to another video that we have made previously and I’ll put that in the description below this video.

Now I’m not going to worry too much about titles or themes but I want to just show you this one new feature that has been released not that long ago.

If we click on add item, we now have the option to add images. Now this is a fantastic edition and we’ve all been waiting for this for such a long time.

Now for those of you that have been wanting to drop logos into your Google forms, one way you might want to do this is by clicking on image and then you can upload an image of your school logo. If you are uploading a different images maybe into a self-grading assessment or something, you can take a snapshot using your web camera, uploading it via the URL, you can import it from your drive folder or you can use your Google Search functionality here.

Now for this purpose I’m just going to find a picture of a whale. So I’m going to click on the image of the whale and then click submit and it will drop that image into here for us.

If I wanted to use this as a logo for instance, I could just delete that and you’d see that this would sit right at the top of the page just underneath the title, if you want to edit this image just here, you can give the image a title and if you wanted to put some hover text, you could also type the text here and when you hover over the image, you’d have some text there next to your cursor.  The other thing you can do is just justify where this images sits in your Google form, and if it’s a smaller image, you can do that on your page.

If you do want to use this with an assessment task or a test, then here is what I would suggest you do.

Because images aren’t actually questions, what you would do is just give it the title, question 1 and then the just leave it as that and click done. Then what you do is you would add another item here, say maybe this one and then don’t put another question, you just type in your question so “Is this…” whatever and click done and if I go to the live form, I’ll show you what this would look like.

So you’d have question 1, here is the question and then they would actually type their answer in there and then you have question 2 obviously just underneath it.

So it’s great to be adding insert images, there were some really tricky work around but we don’t need to worry about those anymore, that’s a fantastic thing.

If you left that without a title, that’s where you could drop a logo into the top of your form and then all the questions would be underneath it and so hopefully you’d really love that update,

If you’d like to see other videos on how we would use Google Forms in the classroom as well as how we create self-grading assessments, have the students collaborating and so on, then you can head over to a blog post that we wrote which is creating self grading assessments with Google forms

If you have any questions, we’d love you to send us an email and hello[at] or you can drop a question into the comment section below and we would love to answer that question there.

Thanks for watching.

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