Future-Now PD: Leveraging AI for Educator Excellence

Human-Centric, AI-Enhanced Educational Excellence

What if you could achieve more by doing less?

🌟 Cut Through the Chaos with AI

Join us at the “Future-Now PD: Leveraging AI for Educator Excellence” workshop, where we don’t just talk about AI—we demonstrate its power to streamline your workload and enhance your school’s learning environment. This is about giving you back your time without cutting corners on quality.

Hey there, school leaders! We know you and your teams are juggling more than ever—more reporting, more planning, more personalised learning, and endless extracurricular demands, all while facing shrinking budgets, less time, fewer hands on deck, and a bewildering pace of technological change.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? But what if you could do less and achieve more? That’s not just wishful thinking; it’s entirely possible with the right approach to AI in education.

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Sydney | Wednesday, 5 June Melbourne | Thursday, 6 June Auckland | Tuesday, 18 June


1 PM to 5 PM AEST




4 June 2024

In this power-packed session, our AI experts will demystify Copilot and hand you the keys to harness it within your organisation.

Experience Real Change in Four Targeted Sessions:

Session 1:
AI Basics and Beyond

Network: Meet your peers who are facing similar challenges. Relationships are everything.

Understand: What is AI? And more importantly, how can it make your life easier? Delve into real, meaningful, impactful changes that actually make a difference to your day-to-day so that you can focus on leadership and innovation rather than just administration.

Session 2:
Smart Safeguards and Strategies

Explore: Set up AI with the proper safeguards to protect your community.

Discuss: Tackle the legal and ethical considerations—keeping it tight and right so that your school navigates AI adoption safely and responsibly, fostering trust and security among all stakeholders.

Session 3:
AI for Overworked Educators

Interact: Get hands-on with AI tools that slash the time (up to 30%) spent on admin tasks like planning and marking so that you and your team can spend more time on the things that matter most, like quality teaching and learning.

Create: Tailor AI solutions that fit your school’s unique needs—less manual labour, and more impact, so that your educators can deliver more personalised and effective teaching experiences with less stress and greater satisfaction.

Session 4:
Unifying Your Tech Approach

Learn: From the frontlines of AI implementation—what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Plan: Leave with a solid, streamlined plan to use fewer tools but achieve greater cohesion and efficiency so that your school can operate more cohesively, reducing the friction and fragmentation often caused by the haphazard integration of multiple technologies.

Why You Can’t Miss This:

Empower Your Staff

Equip yourself and your team with the know-how to use AI effectively, reducing strain and enhancing job satisfaction. This will motivate and prepare your educators to embrace new technologies that enrich their teaching.

Boost Student Outcomes

Less time spent on tedious tasks means more time for quality teaching and innovative learning experiences. Students will benefit from a more engaging and personalised educational environment, leading to better learning results.

Streamline Operations

Discover how fewer, more powerful tools can lead to better systems, less chaos, and a more robust educational framework so that your school operates more efficiently. This will allow staff to focus on strategic initiatives rather than daily firefighting.

Who’s This For?

Perfect for Principals, Deputy Principals, IT Leaders, and any educational leader who feels the squeeze of doing more with less and is eager for smart, sustainable solutions.

Book Your Spot!

Limited spaces available. Secure your spot and start doing less to achieve more.

Join us to find out how less can truly be more when you’re equipped with the right AI tools at “Future-Now PD: Leveraging AI for Educator Excellence.”

Your Hosts

Adrian Francis

Trainer Development Lead

Adrian’s journey has led him from executive leadership positions in education to collaborating with numerous global businesses. Now in his seventh year with UTB, he remains passionate about empowering individuals to leverage the necessary tools for success in an ever-changing environment. In the business realm, Adrian focuses on guiding teams to enhance efficiency with their existing resources, thereby reducing stress and boosting productivity. With the rise of AI-based solutions, he is enthusiastic about assisting individuals in implementing the most suitable solutions for their specific contexts.

Kelly Kenyon

Trainer Team Lead

With over 15 years experience  in the classroom and leading IT for schools, Kelly is a seasoned trainer specialising in enhancing teacher pedagogy and engaging students in learning through the use of digital tools. Kelly understands the importance of literacy and mathematics skills for our students and designs her PLD approach to fit into the needs of the schools and classes she works with.

“There is a lot of stigma around AI use in schools, but most of it stems from lack of understanding or the unknown. At each major change in IT, schools have been either excited to jump onboard, or hesitant of the implications. AI is her to stay and we need to learn to embrace it so we can show our students the right ways to use it. And why wouldn’t you want a tool that helps to lift some of the administrations burdens of the teaching profession? When for decades things  have only  been added to teacher’s plates and  never removed, let me show you how AI can help you do more ‘teaching’.”

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