Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and sussing me out. Good move, I don’t want you to be stuck in a training session with someone who’s not the right trainer for you.

Here’s a formal high-level overview of what I do…

I am a highly experienced and respected technology trainer who works with business, government and education clients across Australia, New Zealand and further abroad. I specialise in helping people make the most of their technology tools, particularly G Suite (Google Workspace) and Microsoft (Office) 365. 

More importantly, here’s why I do it…

At the heart of my technology training is my passion for helping people become more efficient, productive and organised in their day-to-day work and lives. 

In short, I LOVE helping people clean up their inboxes, organise their files, get in control of their task list and generally become more efficient in using their everyday tools.

I do what I do because I believe that the more efficient, productive and organised, you are, the more time you have to do work that makes a difference and live a life filled with things you love.

Here’s what you need to know about my training style..

My training style is pretty simple. I deliver practical, relevant and easy-to-understand content with energy, enthusiasm and joy. 

No matter what your level of technology confidence and competence is, I will meet you where you are at and help you take your next step in using technology to become more efficient, productive and organised.

I promise that you won’t get bored in my training sessions! There are two things that are guaranteed in all my workshops – laughter and learning. So if you love learning and like to laugh, we’ll get on just fine (and if you don’t, then I’m probably not the right trainer for you!).

And in case you want to know more about me and my background..

Here’s the essentials and a few highlights.

  • Home is a lovely country-coastal community in Victoria, Australia.
  • My career started in higher education, where I worked in a variety of roles that gave me an excellent foundation for the work I do today – IT support, team leadership, business analysis and technology training.
  • I joined Using Technology Better in mid-2016 and have been delivering training full time ever since. It’s hands-down the best job I have ever had!
  • I LOVE learning so I have studied a lot! I’ve got formal qualifications in Education (Digital Technologies), Marketing & Management, Training & Assessment and Network Engineering.
  • I also LOVE food (eating it, cooking it, having other people cook it for me!) and the joy of discovery that travel and new experiences bring! 

Before you go…

You might like to check out a couple of my favourite projects.

LearnBytes: A podcast and web show to help you increase your efficiency and productivity, embrace your natural creativity and lead with impact. You can check it out on YouTube, Instagram and your favourite podcast platform.

My fortnightly newsletter: Tips, tricks and strategies for living your most efficient, productive and organised life. Sign up here.

Samantha's Favourite Focus Areas
G Suite (Google Workspace) 99%
Microsoft Office 365 89%
Organisation 100%
Productivty 100%
Efficiency 100%

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