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There was an interesting article in the Sun Herald this weekend (click here to read the article).  In it they point out that 2 out of the top 12 primary schools in NSW Australia actively discourage the use of technology in the classroom.  Both Schools use the Rudolf Steiner philosophy of education which embraces the thought that “Electronic media are believed…to hamper seriously the development of the child’s imagination – a faculty which is central to the healthy development of the individual.”

I must admit that I am a fan of using technology in the classroom.  In fact in April I have been selected to be a participant in a select few teachers from around the world to be trained at the Google Teacher Academy as a Google Certified Teacher.  This will allow me to train teachers in how to use the wide variety of free applications available to them in their classrooms.

What I love about these results:

But what I love about these results is the how they demonstrate that teachers need to have what I like to call an ‘and’ mentality rather than an ‘or’ mentality.  Too often teachers feel that in order to be effective teachers they need to keep up with the latest in innovation and teaching methods causing them to jump on the latest idea or fad and throw out what has always worked in the classroom.  They mistakenly think that they can do this OR that.

“What these results show is that quality teaching is not driven by technology – but…here’s a thought…teachers who care.”

My advice would be:

Don’t resist change.  But at the same time don’t pursue change to the detriment of what works for you.  In other words have an ‘and’ not an ‘or’ mindset.

By the way if you would be interested in receiving some training on how to use Google applications in your school or classroom click here.

Creating Self Grading Assessments

**An updated version of this post is available here. In the new post, learn how to create self-grading quizzes using Google Forms’ in-built quizzes feature.** I’m speaking at the Google Apps for Education Summit in Sydney today.  One of the Sessions I led was on to create self grading assessments


Protecting your workflow from the Coronavirus and natural disasters by utilising Microsoft Teams

In our current environment, the certainty of running our schools or businesses the same as always, maintaining efficiency and continuity when disruption occurs can become frustrating. The capacity to pivot key processes so that it is business, as usual, is important. Utilising Microsoft Teams can help this in schools and business.

Here are three areas where you can use familiar tools in G Suite (and a few other free online tools) to empower the students in your classes!

Google Drive_9

Synchronise your Google Drive files to your computer

If you store non-Google files in your Google Drive (e.g. Microsoft Office files, PDFs, Photoshop files etc.), it can be really convenient to synchronise them to your computer. The Google Drive for Mac/PC tool allows you to synchronise either all the contents of your My Drive, or just selected folders. Synchronised files can be accessed offline and easily opened and edited in their native applications.

Outclassed Podcast

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In 2018, Using Technology Better designed and delivered a two phase post-migration training program for this New Zealand based graphic design firm. The initial goal of the training program was to reduce frustration with G Suite, with the long term aim of facilitating a change in culture and collaboration that can lead to transformative practices

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