Phil Berrill

Head of Sales
Partner Relations Kingpin
I have a passion for hunting new business and working together with customers to achieve their vision.

Here’s what I do

I drive the growth of the business through education and business-to-business opportunities.

Here’s why I do it

I relish the thrill of the chase and love supporting clients to achieve their goals. I get great satisfaction knowing the impact of what I do is far reaching. 

What’s my style

I lend an empathetic ear so I can really understand people’s struggles. Once I understand their pain points I can make a plan tailored to meet their needs. 

Why I’ve got what it takes

Joining the UTB team at the start of 2021, I bring over 17 years’ experience in the education industry. As a secondary school teacher working in higher education, and as a reseller into schools, I have a solid understanding of the education sector that helps create immediate connection with UTB’s customers. 

If you know me, you’ll know this much is true

I have a keen interest in staying active playing cricket, golf, snowboarding, or pushing myself at the gym. 

Where I lay my head

I live in Auckland with my partner, Steph, and our boisterous blended family of five kids ranging from 9-21 years old. 

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