Nicole Brown

Global Head of Operations
Growth & Transformation Guru
You know that details obsessed person who uses spreadsheets to plan their holidays? Yeah, that’s me.

Here's What I Do

My mission is clear: to streamline, automate, and meticulously document our business processes and systems. With a keen eye on customer satisfaction, I monitor and implement improvements that resonate globally. Whether it’s ensuring smooth onboarding experiences or engaging in hybrid training, I’m here to make every experience with UTB a harmonious journey.

Here's Why I Do It

I believe magic happens when ops are seamlessly orchestrated, allowing individuals and teams to thrive in an environment where their best work can unfold. We have very special people at UTB, and I want to make sure they have what they need to love what they do.

What’s my style

Picture a blend of precision and practicality. I thrive on documenting the finer details, creating a shared source of truth for our team. I am the go-to person for turning chaos into order, for transforming challenges into opportunities. With a ‘1% better every day’ mindset and a ‘done is better than perfect’ attitude, I embrace growth on the go.
Shifting from a potential medical career, I devoted over a decade to teaching and then postgraduate research, culminating in a Master of Education. Armed with a unique blend of strategic thinking and a perfectionist’s passion, my path into the operations sphere was inevitable. I focus on anticipating our team and client needs and implementing solutions before they even become challenges. Ensuring not just efficiency but an environment where can creativity thrive is my superpower.
I love being the cool auntie, walks and podcasts, finding dogs to pat at weekend farmers markets, spending time hiking Aotearoa’s stunning scenes and sipping on its finest grapes. I often work remotely and make the most of working from my “car office” on the regular!
Auckland is my home; Scotland has my heart. After immigrating to New Zealand over 16 years ago, I affectionately identify as a Skiwi. My partner and I have grand plans for a move back to our second home, Christchurch, in the coming years to reno, hike and get a furry sidekick for our adventures!
If you haven’t read James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, you’re missing out. If you’re stuck in a rut or just want to focus on practical improvement, it’s the one for you!
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