Mark Herring

Learning & Development Lead
Blue Sky Thinker
If you’re keen to implement strategic planning and a coaching culture in your organisation, or just after tech training that’s outside of the box, I’m your man.

Here’s what I do

I train and coach both adults and children to use technology better. And, I also help people establish a vision and set a trajectory to achieve it. 

Here’s why I do it

A self-confessed STEAM learning junkie, I get a kick out of helping others get the most out of tech tools. Coaching one-on-one is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. 

What’s my style

I love big ideas, future trends, and shaping learning experiences that are fun and fertile ground for learning. 

Why I’ve got what it takes

Starting out as a youth worker in local community development, I recently took 18 month’s leave from UTB to spend more time engaged as an Youth Pastor at my local church. I love investing in people and their future, and working with UTB gives me a ton of opportunities to do just that.

Coming to UTB with over ten years’ experience in the classroom as a primary school teacher, I know first hand what challenges teachers face on a daily basis. This means I’m well adept at knowing how to tailor training to each individual or group in the education space. 

If you know me, you’ll know this much is true

I love getting out into ‘the wops’ and discovering new places off the beaten track. Being in really bad weather makes me smile, especially when there’s hot coffee along the way. 

Where I lay my head

I’ve lived all over New Zealand, and have just recently moved to the little coastal town of Woodend, Canterbury with my illustrator wife, Carol, five teenage kids, and three dogs. The South Island is one big outdoor playground and we love it here. 

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