Majka Kaiser

Marketing Coordinator
Wordsmith Warrior
& Coordination Queen
A spin doctor of sorts, I take a product, package and promote it in such a way you wonder how on earth you ever got through life without it!

Here’s what I do

The queen of copywriting, I craft written content promoting the tech training our talented team offers. The buck stops with me when it comes to coordinating campaigns and events, making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. 

Here’s why I do it

I love playing with words and I love learning about people and the awesome things they do. Luckily for me, I’ve found my niche where the two collide. More often than not people are pretty shy about blowing their own trumpet, and I get a real kick out of doing just that on their behalf.

I also value the freedom and autonomy a location independent lifestyle offers, and the cultural richness I get working with UTB’s teams across New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. The health of the culture here within UTB is genuinely impressive. I’ve been seeking my tribe and this is where I’ve found it. 

What’s my style

I’m creative, intuitive and a deep thinker. I like to have all my ducks in a row before making a move, so knowledge, organisation and strategy are key components before the magic happens! 

Why I’ve got what it takes

My career has taken many twists and turns since I started out as an opera singer in Europe. Since returning to New Zealand I’ve worked in a diverse range of creative industries that have armed me with an arsenal of skills. I’ve designed window concepts for department stores, blogged about design, styled homes, edited and designed magazines, and promoted the wares of galleries and boutiques.

Since joining UTB at the beginning of 2021 I’ve really enjoyed taking customers on a journey that isn’t just about tech tools, but how they can improve our daily lives. And, when it’s delivered by trainers who are as knowledgeable as they are passionate here at UTB, my job is easy – and so much more enjoyable! 

If you know me, you’ll know this much is true

I’m creative, curious, and love new experiences. I’m addicted to design, obsessed with crochet, hooked on swing dancing, wild about nature, mad about dogs, fascinated by psychology, devoted to meditation, and committed to being the best human I can be.

Personal growth and self-discovery have been driving forces propelling me throughout my journey. Socrates’ words “the unexamined life is not worth living” perfectly encapsulates my approach to living. 

Where I lay my head

I live in a converted shipping container on the East Coast of New Zealand. Waking up and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean is my idea of heaven. With just a few considered design pieces mixed in with beautiful handmade wares and loads of plants, I love living in my tiny house that has everything I need and nothing more. 

Before you go

Julia hooked me up with what is THE BEST marketing resource I’ve ever come across; the Business Made Simple online courses that turn traditional marketing concepts on their head. 

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