Donna Golightly

Technology Trainer
Educational Resource Master
& HR Champion
Wondering how to integrate digital platforms into your daily practice in a meaningful way? Just ask! I love supporting people’s growth in ways they never thought possible.

Here’s what I do

I work with all ages and learning stages delivering relevant, meaningful, and purposeful learning that’s tailored to each person’s unique environment. 

Here’s why I do it

My passion for learning keeps me current and I love sharing that knowledge and enthusiasm with others. 

What’s my style

The most common phrase I use in my training sessions is, “There’s no such thing as a silly question.” I want people to be able to ask whatever it is they need and discover the answer in a simple and fun way.

Why I’ve got what it takes

Living, breathing, and dreaming big in and out of the classroom for more than three decades (yip, it’s that long!) has made for a solid foundation for the tech training I do with UTB. A certified trainer in Google, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, means my core focus is using technology as a means to an end and supporting relevant and authentic pedagogy.

If you know me, you’ll know this much is true

Exercise is the key! One of my daily aims is to do something physical – whether it be a walk around our beautiful neighbourhood or a more physical gym session – it all helps process that coffee intake too! 

Where I lay my head

My husband and I currently live in Auckland with our three adult children. However, with our two hunky sons making their own way in the world and our gorgeous daughter returning to university to become a dance teacher, maybe it’s time to downsize to another beautiful part of Aoteroa – any suggestions are most welcome! 

Before you go

Check out my twitter feed, for some great links.

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