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Workbench and Google Sheets part 1

As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to integrate digital tools, especially in the STEAM space, so that meaningful learning experiences can take place. Ultimately, I want to be able to combine a variety of applications and devices together and develop some coding to gather data and control external devices. Workbench provides the backbone to be able to do that.

How to get started with unplugged activities in your classroom

If you were asked, ““If a visitor to your school was to walk into a typical room, what might they see students doing with technology?” what might your answer be? Using unplugged activities can help develop computational thinking in your students, allowing that use of technology to maybe look a little different. This blog will give some ideas of ways to integrate these activities into your classroom.

Getting started with computational thinking

Ask many teachers what computational thinking is and they’ll look at you with a blank face. I used to feel like that! But actually, it’s not that complicated at all. This blog will unpack what it is and give you some simple ideas on how to get started with unpacking what it could look like in your classroom.

How to get started with Bitmojis in your classroom

Bitmojis – personalised digital avatars – are hugely popular on social media sites and are accessible through many different apps. This blog post will explain how to get started with them and how to use them in your classroom

Bookmarks in Chrome – Everything you need to know to use your bookmarks like a pro!

With so many resources available online it’s important to know how to effectively manage and organise digital content that you rely on. Bookmarking frequently visited websites or documents is a great way to be more efficient when working online. Here are five key things to know when you are using bookmarks in Chrome.

Ideas for building positive relationships with parents

Besides the students in your school, one of the next most important groups of people are your student’s parents. Building positive relationships with parents is not always an easy journey – but there are some things we can do to help establish positive relationships with them. Here are five ideas to help with this.

How to use Google Slides to create a template for students to present work on

How to use Google Slides to create a template for students to present work on

One of the first ways that a lot of teachers introduce their students to Google tools is to use them as a publishing tool. But you don’t have to use the standard sizes. This blog will show you how to change the size of Google Slides and how to add a dynamic title using Word Art.

Create a collection of images in Chrome

Do you often find yourself searching for online images to use and then wishing you could remember where you found certain ones? This blog post will show you how you can curate a collection of these online images using the Chrome web browser so that you can easily access anytime you like.

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