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How parents can easily see what their child is learning at school

It used to be that parents could look at their child’s school book and feel like they had a sense of how their child was progressing. Now with work being completed on a computer, often that work is hidden behind a username and password.

In this post we show you how schools can easily empower parents to be involved in the learning process as well as improve communication between school and home by simply teaching the parents how to log into their students Google Drive or OneDrive account.

Plus you can download our step by step guides for parents

How To Use Office 365 To Improve User Experience

Microsoft is making some great progress in the cloud collaboration space with their Office 365 product. In this short video, and video transcript we show you how you can increase collaboration and access to your documents with the O365 suite of tools.

OneNote Class Notebook Creator

This short video talks about the OneNote Class Notebook Creator Tool and how teachers can use this for collaboration with their students.

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Is your head in the clouds about ‘The Cloud’??

Three of the most common questions I am asked about cloud computing is:

1. “Where is my document stored?”
2. How secure is my data?
3. What happens if the internet goes down?

We answer some of these concerns in this post

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