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Codey Rocky – the coding robot and invention tool in one!

This review is about Makeblocks new addition to their robotics lineup, the ‘Codey Rocky’, which the team at Makeblock have been kind enough to give me an advance trial of.

How to get more pics

How to get more out of your STEAM lessons in class

Have you been engaging your students with STEM or STEAM projects and experiences but wondering how you can better focus the learning? Here are two simple ways you can maximise the learning outcomes for your students and they both begin at the planning phase.

What does STEAM Learning look like in schools?

The STEAM learning approach can look incredibly different from school to school. Here are some different approaches that we see in schools, and some positives and negatives about each approach.

What’s the best low cost STEAM tool for the classroom?

Which low cost STEAM tools should we buy for our school in 2018?” I’ve got some thoughts about that, plus two tools I highly recommend.

5 Myths of STEAM_feature

5 Myths about STEAM Learning

STEM and STEAM would be one of the biggest buzz words going around education at the moment. But there are also lots of misconceptions about what it is and how to implement it effectively. Here is a list of the 5 most commonly held myths I often hear about STEAM Learning.


What’s the deal with the ‘E’ in STEAM? Practical ways to plan for engineering in your classroom

When I was starting one of our STEAM workshops a few months back, I asked the teachers for any specific questions they had before we started. I always try to be honest when I don’t know the answer, and say “I actually don’t know about that one.” One of the teachers asked a question which received that answer. They asked “What does the E in STEAM actually look like in practice?”