BYOD Symposium: Discover what is working with BYOD in Schools

In 2015 we held our BYOD symposium in Melbourne Australia. You can watch the recording of our expert presenters from Google, Microsoft and local schools as well as two prominent edtech researchers who discuss how to interpret educational research.

Why most BYOD plans are destined for disappointment

A BYOD plan is effective only if it ensures a school’s unique educational goals will be achieved. It shouldn’t just help figure out the best educational technology to use.

Who is Driving Your Technology Agenda?

Have you ever stopped to consider “Who is driving the technology agenda in our school?”

This short video helps you understand how technology companies can set the learning agenda in your school.

Should the following educational buzzwords stop buzzing?

A look at three educational buzzwords that should lose their buzz (one is a little controversial) as well as what is buzzing in 2015 and what your school can do to stay current and not get caught up in all the buzz.