See the view history of Google Docs, Sheets & Slides

The Activity Dashboard feature in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides lets you see who has viewed a file, and when they last viewed it. It also shows the trend of views and comments and a sharing history. In this blog post, I’ll show you how the feature works and how you can configure the related privacy settings.

Note: This feature is only available for those with a G Suite account, not a regular consumer Google account. However, those with G Suite accounts can see the view activity of people using regular consumer Google accounts (or people in other G Suite domains), so long as the file has been explicitly shared with them.

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Accessing the Activity Dashboard

1. Open the Google Doc, Sheet or Slide that you want to view activity for.
2. Select the Tools menu > Activity Dashboard.

3. The viewing history of each person the file is shared with is displayed on the Viewers tab. People who have a dash next to their name either have not viewed the file or have opted out of having their view activity shown (more on this soon). The Shared with tab shows everyone the file is explictely shared with, while the All viewers tab shows a list of everyone within your own G Suite environment who has viewed the file (except those who have opted out).

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Activity Dashboard Viewers tab

4. The Viewer trend tab shows the number of unique views within a selected time period. You can change the time period using the drop-down box in the top right corner.

Activity Dashboard viewer trend tab

5. The Comment trend tab shows the total comments that have been made and the trend within a selected period of time. Again, you can change the time period using the drop-down box in the top right corner.

Activity Dashboard comment trend tab

6. The Sharing history tab shows how the files has been shared/unshared.

Activity Dashboard sharing history tab

Changing privacy settings to opt-out of history viewing

You can choose to turn off history viewing for either one specific file or for all files. This means that your view history will not be visible in the Activity Dashboard.

To access the privacy settings:
1. Open the Google Docs, Sheet or Slide that you want to hide view activity for (or any Doc, Sheet or Slide if you want to hide it for all files).
2. Select the Tools menu > Activity Dashboard.
3. Click Privacy settings.
4. Toggle on/off each setting as required.

Activity Dashboard privacy settings tab

5. Click Save.

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The Activity Dashboard is a useful way to see who has accessed a shared document. However, due to the opt-out feature, it can also not be regarded as an absolute truth! If you want to remind people to view or contribute to a shared document, try using the Email collaborators feature to send them a quick reminder. This email also includes a link to the shared document, in case they’ve lost it! You can find this feature on the File menu in any Google Doc, Sheet or Slide.

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