Move Over Lads: The Girls Are Coming

When I ran one of my first conferences at Google HQ last April we had just over 100 teachers attend.  Of those 100 teachers only 7 were female.

It was ironic, at the time Google had a massive wall art showing the symbols for male and female.

Females in the I.T industry

You can see one of the female attendees having fun with this concept in this video:

There has been a great push by companies such as Google and Microsoft to engage more females in the I.T industry.  Microsofts latest initiative in India to train and mentor one million females in one year is a fantastic move in the right direction.

We don’t need to wait for the tech companies to make a move

There are some fantastic initiatives in schools to engage girls in science and technology.

One of the best is the coding for kids program that is gaining traction in schools all around Australia.

The Coding for kids program brings volunteer mentors into your school once a week to teach students how to create fun code.  Teachers don’t need to be experts or have any prior knowledge, they simply need to facilitate the program and provide supervision.

I interviewed Peter Argent from the code factory a couple of months ago.

Peter will be running a full day workshop at the upcoming Using Technology Better Conference in Sydney and Adelaide.

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