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Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition (EE) is a phenomenal tool and resource that allows your students to experience learning in a way that would otherwise be impossible. 

Join in for FREE training with Using Technology Better to find out how it can transform learning in your classroom. We’ll start with the basics and work our way up to creating your own lessons which can be integrated into your learning contexts.

Sitting there wondering what the heck Minecraft: Education Edition is and how it relates to your classroom?

Minecraft: Education Edition is an educational version of Minecraft, the game popular with children all over the world. Thanks to it, they willingly study Math, History, Science, Computer science and many other subjects; they learn to interact, develop creativity, and better memorize new information.

It is a video game with countless possibilities to explore the world through building objects and accomplishing tasks. Using blocks, children get to understand the work of body organs, chemical reactions, and important mechanisms; they learn to formulate algorithms and program them in a visual environment.

Meanwhile, the teacher has the opportunity to direct the game and watch how the material is perceived.

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Pretty awesome! It's gamifying learning in a positive, fun way your students will LOVE!

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Join us and choose the webinars you would like to attend below:

P.P.S. If you're new to this AMAZING world of Minecraft EE, you're going to want to sign up for the full series to get the most out it!


 Monday 27th of April / 7:00pm NZST:

Why Minecraft: Education Edition?

 Skill level: Getting started

You will finish the webinar:

  • Knowing the Pedagogy behind Minecraft Education Edition and gamification in learning
  • Having an overview of what can be done to enhance teaching and learning using MEE
  • Knowing what you need to do to get ready for the next webinar

 Wednesday 29th of April / 7:00pm NZST:

Getting started with Minecraft: Education Edition?

 Skill level: Getting started

You will finish the webinar knowing:

  • How to find and launch a world
  • How to move within a world
  • How to access the inventory
  • The basics of building
  • How to capture learning
  • How to utilise Hosting/Classroom Mode

 Monday 4th of May / 7:00pm NZST:

Designing activities and lessons in Minecraft: Education Edition

 Skill level: Basic

You will finish the webinar knowing how to:

  • Access Minecraft Education Edition resources
  • Find and adapt lessons and worlds
  • Create lessons to support students within Minecraft
  • Encourage student agency and choice

 Wednesday 6th of May / 7:00pm NZST:

Coding in Minecraft

 Skill level: Intermediate

You will finish the webinar knowing how to:

  • Code your agent to work for you in Minecraft Education Edition
  • Develop computational thinking skills and see code come to life!

 Monday 11th of May / 7:00pm NZST:

Minecraft + Augmented Reality

 Skill level: Intermediate

You will finish the webinar knowing how to:

  • How to export objects from Minecraft Education Edition
  • Bring objects to life outside of Minecraft

 Wednesday 13th of May / 7:00pm NZST:

NZ Special!

 Skill level: Intermediate

You will finish the webinar knowing how to:

  • Explore Nga Motu - an incredible resource for teaching in a NZ context
  • Link Minecraft Education Edition to the NZC, with a focus on Digital Technology

Plus receive other NZ specific resources.



Attend all 6 webinars and you'll receive complimentary access to ourIntro to Minecraft Education Edition’ online course valued at $179!


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Meet your Trainer: Lara Kirk

Lara brings passion and enthusiasm to her role as a trainer with Using Technology Better. With over fourteen years of classroom experience, spanning three continents she has a broad understanding of education and innovation.

Lara is constantly learning. Loves sharing up to the minute tools and ideas that make learning engaging and exciting for students and teachers.

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