Down for everyone or just me

How to tell if a website is down

Is your internet playing up, or is it a problem with the website?  Here is how to find out quickly

Every now and then I try and access a website and get an error message or a ‘webpage is unavailable’ message. This happened the other day. I wanted to look at the Hapara website but it was down.  My internet had been patchy during the day, so rather than trying to figure out if my internet was out I simply went to As it turns out Hapara was down.


Down for everyone or just me Down for everyone or just me result

How it works

Down for everyone or just me pings the website from several servers in different locations to see if the website responds.  If the website loads you will get a message letting you know that it is just you. Once you know where the issue lies, you can start to problem solve the issue.

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