Google Search Hacks—Define

How convenient that you no longer have to carry a pocket dictionary wherever you go. You still do? Watch this podcast to learn about Define—a Google Search hack that will replace your pocket dictionary.


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Okay, the next one is Define.

Now one of the great things about Google is, that we have dictionaries built into what we are doing online. So, I can define things. So, if I wanted to, I could for instance pick on a keyword that we are looking at and then ask Google to define it. So, let’s just say I was looking at kangaroo—not kangaroo court, just kangaroo—we’ll see here that we get a definition; just here, where Google tells us it’s a noun. You can also click this little thing here and what it does is it gives you the origin of the word. And you can also translate it. And then there’s use over time.

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So, you can see here how words have been used over time. So, this can be a really interesting one for English teachers and for those that are teaching literacy and are looking at change over time in their curriculum.

So very interesting to get some extra ones in there. Sometimes, you’ll be able to see that there will be a little speaker icon and you can just click it and what that will do is read the word to you. That’s also built inside your Google Docs for those of you that are using the research option inside there.


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