Google Docs Advanced Sharing: Hidden Feature Found Here

The new Google Docs sharing user interface has been released, but one of my favourite features is now hidden.


Screenshot 2014-09-16 19.38.53

The feature that prohibits collaborators from adding other collaborators, or changing the sharing permissions of people already in the doc.

Watch the video below to discover what and where this feature is.


00:09.1 See the new Sharing User Interface in Google Docs

00:23.4 The feature that stops collaborators from changing sharing permissions is hidden

00:36.3 This is where the feature is hidden

00:52.7 Why you need to use this feature

01:26.9 How to find other helpful videos


Hey, Mike Reading here.  I just wanted to create a real short update video for you.

You might have noticed that the new sharing user interface has now been released inside Google docs, all the same functionalities there. You can still invite people by their email. You can change the visibility within your organization or you can click the ‘more’ button and make it more available online and so on.

But one of the features that seem to be missing on this user interface is the ability to restrict the users from inviting other users to the document or changing the sharing permissions.

Now that feature hasn’t disappeared. Where it is now is it’s under this advanced link just here.

So when you click on ‘advanced’ you’ll see that the old user interface now shows and it comes back here where it says editors will be allowed to add people and change the permissions.

So if you want to stop that from happening so that the people who are editing the document can’t invite other people into the document or change the edit rights of other people inside that doc, you simply click on change here and then the one on the bottom that says only the owner can change the permissions.

Once you save that, the other collaborators can still collaborate as usual they just can’t invite others and change the sharing or collaboration permission levels for the other people inside the doc.

So the feature is still there. You just need to find it underneath the advanced feature tab.

So I hope that helps. If you want to find other more how to videos and tips and tricks just head on over to and see the other videos over there.


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