Teacher Aide Day

Teacher Aide: You are and we've got something just for you!

You’re invited to a practical, hands-on session designed specifically for support staff to develop your skills and confidence when using devices in the classroom.

We get it. The learners you work with have a diverse range of needs and no two situations are the same. Regardless if you work with small groups or one on one. This day will be perfect for you.

You’ll discover the best tips and tricks in GSuite and iPad to stay organised and communicate with others. We’ll show you some of the best apps, extensions and tools available that will make a real difference to how your students engage with content and show what they know.

From voice typing, screen readers, picture dictionaries and other great tools for learners with visual or hearing impairments, this workshop will get you hands-on to explore what is possible at little or no cost.

Not only will your students benefit, but you will also learn how to use technology to communicate more effectively and stay organised!


25 Jan

Christchurch - St Martins School

25 Jan

Alexandra - The Terrace School

26 Jan

Wellington - St Patricks College

27 Jan

Bay of Plenty - Fairhaven School​​

27 Jan

Greytown - Greytown School

28 Jan


29 Jan

Invercargill - Salford School

29 Jan

Auckland - St Mary's School Ellerslie

2 Feb

Levin - St Josephs School

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FYI: New MoE Teachers Aide Pilot Fund Covers Course Costs and Wages (details below in FAQ)

Registering as a group? See the FAQ for discounts. 
Lunch and morning tea provided. 

What will you get from this program?

This is for you if you:

Meet your Trainer: Lara

Lara brings passion and enthusiasm to her role as a trainer with Using Technology Better. With over fourteen years of classroom experience, spanning three continents she has a broad understanding of education and innovation.

Lara is constantly learning. Loves sharing up to the minute tools and ideas that make learning engaging and exciting for students and teachers.

Meet your Trainer: Donna

Wondering how to integrate digital platforms into your practice in a meaningful, relevant and purposeful way? Just ask Donna – she can definitely help you with this!

Meet your Trainer: Mark

Mark just loves making things, both media and hands on. He’s a STEAM Learning junkie and gets a kick out of helping people get more out of their tech.

Meet your Trainer: Karla

Karla goes the extra mile to provide training that is engaging, relevant and leaves you genuinely excited about what is possible! Whether hands on or high level strategy, she will leave you feeling empowered to keep moving forward!

Meet your Trainer: Clement

Clement specialises in helping teachers incorporate digital technology into their already awesome authentic programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If registering 3 or more teachers from your school, use the code utb3off to receive a 10% discount. If registering 5 or more teachers from your school, use the code utb5off to receive a 20% discount.

Once you have registered your spot in the TA program above, you also need to register with the MoE (following the steps below) to be refunded.

The new Teacher aide PLD Pilot fund is available to cover the cost of the course, travel and accommodation (where necessary) as well as covering teacher aide wages for the time you are attending the PLD course. 

There are six simple steps required to do this:

1. Check with your supervisor and principal, tumaki or whoever approves your school’s PLD that the training fits your needs. 

2. Set up an Education Sector Logon and fill in the application form.

3. The MoE will receive and process your application.

4. When approved you and your principal will be notified. 

5. Arrange the PLD

6. Your school or kura will send an invoice to the MoE for course costs, attendance time, travel and accommodation after the PLD is complete. 

You can find all the details of the process here!

Device that you can access GSuite on. Chromebooks, PC’s, MacBooks etc.

What Recent Participants Are Saying About Our Teacher Aide Days

Thank you so much for your time... I came away feeling so much more confident using the Chromebook. You were able to explain it in such a way that I could relate it to something physical. The whole session was very relaxing and stressless. I even managed to put the information you sent into a file no problem. Looking forward to some more sessions in the future.


Te Awamutu Intermediate

It’s great, you're not alone, awesome workshop, really great if you’re not one for computers!


Forest View High School

It covers a variety of functionality for devices and the Chrome browser. Some basic and an introduction to more advanced uses.


Highly recommended. Time flies when you're learning.


St John’s School, Hamilton

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