Mobile Guardian Webinar

As teachers and school administrators, you have a lot riding on your shoulders to keep students engaged, accountable, and safe. With Mobile Guardian, there’s a much easier way!

Discover why teachers and school administrators around the globe are singing the praises of Mobile Guardian and learn how it can make your life easier.

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Thursday 12 August, 7:30pm NZT

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Here's what teachers and school administrators using Mobile Guardian have to say:

“Mobile Guardian is the ‘beginning’ and the ‘end’ for the digital learning story. The journey is now complete!”
Nonsan Daegeon High School, Nonsan, South Korea

“Mobile Guardian works seamlessly throughout our organisation which includes both Chromebooks and iPads. The control and rollout of apps to our iPads is easy to manage and the screen monitoring feature for our students with Chromebooks is a useful and necessary tool to have in an educational environment.”
Cannons Creek Independent School, Cape Town, South Africa

“It has been a very beneficial relationship. The customer service has been fantastic. Whenever we have had questions or concerns, we have received prompt and personalised support.”
Cañon City Schools, Colorado, USA

“The Mobile Guardian setup process was very quick and without hiccups.”
The King’s School, Canterbury, UK

“I highly recommend this to any educational institution . . .”
Lions Mathematics and Science Christian Academy, Illinois, USA

Meet Your Host

Mark Herring

UTB Technology Trainer
Leadership, Coaching & Digital Learning Specialist

With over ten years of experience in the classroom as a primary school teacher, Mark knows firsthand what challenges teachers face and is well adept at tailoring training to each individual or group in the education space.

Mark is a big ideas man, loves keeping up with the latest tech trends, shaping engaging learning experiences, and helping others get the most out of tech tools.

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