Google Service Offer

Shelling out for tech gear can be expensive. Especially when your teachers and school administrators don’t know how to use it. Let alone get the most out of it.

To get the best return on investment when your school or district purchases any qualifying Google product tech training is a must. You may be entitled to FREE tech training when you buy any qualifying Google product such as Google Workspace for Education Plus (formally known as Google Workspace Enterprise for Education) licenses or Google Chromebooks + Chrome Education Upgrade

Once you’ve completed the application form and Google grants approval, Google
will connect you to a qualified tech trainer at Using Technology Better so you can
redeem your credits.

No need to wait if you’re champing at the bit to get started. Schedule a call with
one of our trainers who are on stand-by to answer any questions and give you the
information you need

Schedule a call and we’ll let you know pronto whether you’re eligible
for free training

How We Can Help

How does this all come together?
With our ECEP Approach


we explore where your team is at now and where they need to get to.


we customise the training to be exactly what your team needs tosucceed.


we execute. We get to it, delivering engaging training that empowers, motivates and boosts productivity


You profit. Your team is working more efficiently. Getting tasks completed
productively. Freeing up more time for business.

Our customer satisfaction rating is 4.9 out of 5 from training over 250,000 people. We think that’s a pretty good sign your team is going to get great results from our training.

Here's what teachers and school administrators who've taken our Google Workspace training have to say:


“What a fantastic introduction to Google Workspace. I’m really excited about the
massive improvements this offers for our workflow and the incredible impact it will
have on how we can support our students. ”
Tammy Connelly, COO

“UTB training is interesting, hands on, and a good mix between activities and
pedagogy. Brilliant!”
Jodie Wood, Secondary School Teacher

“Extremely worthwhile, user friendly, easy to follow and understand. A great
opportunity to improve efficiency in the classroom and engage students. Relevant
and engaging.”
Emily Paul, Secondary School Teacher

“The highlight of the training was realising how accessible these programs actually
are and working out how they would apply so I can simplify my life as well as my
team’s. ”
Kim Fitcher, Office Support Staff

“Do it! The possibilities are endless. ”
Kim Laity, Primary School Teacher

Schedule a call today and we’ll let you know pronto whether you’re eligible
for free training.

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