Get Creative with Chromebooks

Join this FREE 1 hour online workshop to equip yourself with new ideas and ready-to-use resources that’ll inspire creative thinking and fire up your students’ imaginations.

Coming up with innovative ideas to engage your students with Chromebooks and get the results you want can be a constant challenge.

Arm yourself with a swag of new ideas and ready-to-use resources that’ll inspire creative thinking and fire up your students’ imaginations.

We’ve designed the Get Creative with Chromebooks workshop to give you the tools you need to get the results you want from your students. Before you know it, your students will be thinking outside the box and beyond!

Join trainers Donna Golightly & Kelly Kenyon for the upcoming Get Creative with Chromebooks workshop.

And as an added bonus, once you’ve completed the live online workshop you’ll receive 2 bonus videos with extra tips & tricks to help you take your students’ creative thinking to the next level.

Wednesday 8 December, 6-7pm NZT

Who Is This For?

Meet Your Trainers

Donna Golightly
Technology Trainer
Educational Resource Master & HR Champion

Living, breathing, and dreaming big in and out of the classroom for more than three decades has given Donna a solid foundation for the tech training she delivers with UTB.

A Google certified trainer, Donna’s passion for sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for tech is grounded in her strong belief that by enabling others to use technology better, she can empower others to get the most out of learning and life itself.


Kelly Kenyon
Technology Trainer
Digital Connoisseur & Efficiency Geek

A leader in IT support, digital technologies, and teaching teams, Kelly brings a wealth of experience to tech training. Empowering others with digital tech know-how and seeing people achieve what they never thought possible is what fires Kelly up.

Kelly loves helping teachers to understand the digital curriculum and how to integrate it into their classroom practice. With a specific focus on Google Workspace, Kelly equips teachers to use the tools so they can equip their students for greater opportunities in life.

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