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If you’ve been champing at the bit for innovative ways to increase your students’ understanding of their own evolutionary process, model lifelong learning, and take your pedagogy practice to even greater heights . . .

Have we got the app for you!
Enter stage left . . . bulb, the only digital portfolio app you’ll ever need.

Bulb comes with the backing of bulb all-star teachers just like you who are seeing these results.

Want these results?

Join us on Tuesday 3 August, 4pm AEST

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Get the results you want with bulb

Don’t take our word for it.
Here's what educators using bulb have to say.

“bulb makes my job easier as a teacher. It’s a genuine tool to show parents their child’s work and progress as well as growth evidence for evaluations by admin.”
Brandon Coon – English Teacher

“I love that my students can have one location to house their work, their thoughts, and showcase the best of what they have created with bulb.”
Jodie Deinhammer – High School Science Teacher

“Unlike Learning Management Systems, students own their content and take it with them after they leave your classroom.”
Matt Smith – STEAM Teacher

“Documenting process helps schools and future employers understand that the student knows how to go from point A to point B, all the way to the final product.”
Arik Mortenson – Essex Westford School District Learning Systems Manager

“bulb makes everyone’s work look professional, every single time.”
Liz Booth – Secondary ELAR District Curriculum Coordinator

Meet Your Host

Brian Timm

bulb Customer Success Manager

An educator since 2009, Brian has worked as an intermediate maths teacher, a TA, a coach, and before joining bulb as their Customer Success Manager, he was a Digital Learning Coach in a Texan school district.

Recognised as an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2017, Brian now uses his passion for education to work with schools across the world supporting their implementation of digital portfolios.

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