Partner with UTB for End-User Adoption Training

Unhappy customers don’t renew licences on technology they can’t get their team to use productively. Not a surprise to you, right? Let’s change that together. 

Fact #1: You do great work

You deploy solid IT solutions for your customers. They are well strategised, well planned and execution is always on point – because that’s what you do – and well (if you do say so yourself). 

But …

The feedback you get is … “it’s not working” – “it’s worse than it was before” – “our staff aren’t using the new technology”…

Fact #2: It's not your fault

It’s out of your control. And you know it. 

It’s not the technology, it’s not the cloud, it’s not even the tools (Teams, Outlook, Gmail, Calendar, Excel etc)… 

It’s the people using them. The end-users. (Sir, have you tried restarting your computer 🤦)   

Fact #3: You're a smart cookie

You know the answer. You know they need training. 

But you don’t specialise in training. Sure you could add it to your deployment team’s job description … but they aren’t trainers. They don’t understand learning habits.  

We do. That’s our jam. And that’s why you need to partner with us. 

So you do your bit, we’ll make it stick.

At UTB, we deliver a new standard of professional development training that delights, motivates and inspires ....

(and prevents computers being thrown out the window)


Happy Organisations


Training Sessions Delivered


Humans Kept


Saved … More Than We Can Count


Boring IT

We’re trusted by smart companies like:

We do things a little VERY differently

Our Key Difference

We don’t just deliver tech training on functionality. We deliver on practical application of the tools – tailored to the customer’s environment

So again,
you do your bit,
we’ll make it stick.

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